With more than 80% of blockchain projects never materializing as a a solution, understanding blockchain is more important than rushing to adopting it.


Blockchain is one of the most hyped about new technologies, but also one of the most poorly understood. Currently not more than a handful of people understand both blockchain and programmatic advertising. Before making many decisions that may have far-reaching implications to your business, make sure that you’re working with one of those people.

technology development

Explore blockchain through rapid prototyping and bespoke solutions tailored for your needs that help address your most critical issues. >>

research and data

Understand blockchain in the context of your actual business challenges and marketing goals. Learn through facts and not hype. >>


Increase key stakeholder engagement and understanding through design thinking workshops tailored specifically to your organizational needs. >>

Mikko embodies the expression “thinking outside of the box”. He’s generally familiar with using new technologies and approaches in marketing when others are just hearing of them for the first time. Barry Adams

General Manager, Experian



Working together, you will identify the most appropriate starting points for you to leverage blockchain in a way that makes the most sense for your business. In 2014 I co-founded Botlab as the first non-profit foundation to focus on research of blockchain in the online advertising context, I have first hand experience of setting up blockchain technology, advising blockchain technology startups, and the co-author of Blockchain Ready to Revolutionize Online Advertising? the first independent blockchain focused on online advertising implementations. I co-founded I-COM’s Blockchain Subcommittee.

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