Artificial intelligence is one of the most important things for marketers to get right for the coming decades. It’s also one of the hardest.


Today, you can dramatically increase your ability to make informed decisions about media investment. For example, implementing a deep learning based decisioning system that complement your workflows, does not require big investment or complicated integrations, and delivers results that leave competitors in the dust.

deep learning solutions

Boost your business with custom-built solutions that leverage the latest scientific research and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology. >>

bespoke research

Drive your strategy with insights and answers that matter the most to your business exactly in the format that is most useful for you and your teams. >>


Increase key stakeholder engagement and understanding through design thinking workshops tailored specifically to your organizational needs. >>

Mikko has the ability to take some thing from a brainstorming session and have it in prototype in a matter of days. It is truly amazing. I expect to be working on things with Mikko for many years to come. Matt Harty

Managing Director, Accuen



Working together, you’ll get closer to fully capitalizing on the promise AI has for advertisers and advertiser partners. With more than 15 years of unbroken continuity in research and development of artificial intelligence solutions, I have an unparalleled level of experience and understanding about AI in the online media context. The solutions I’ve created over the years have been used and benefited from by 200 major advertisers and many of the world’s leading media, creative and PR agencies. I was the co-founder for I-COM Data Science Committee, and the Artificial Intelligence Subcommittee, the co-founder of Botlab, and an active advertiser for World Federation of Advertisers.

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