Ad fraud is an incredibly complex problem that requires a multi-faceted solution that avoids conflicts of interest by focusing exclusively on advertisers.


Through a novel method that focus on education and best practices, World Federation of Advertisers endorsed open-source technology, bespoke artificial intelligence, and “hacks” that help you get the most out of your verification partners, you can gain an unparalleled level of protection against advertising fraud.

defensive posture

Turn ad fraud into a competitive advantage by adopting a proven 360 defensive posture and become a leader in defeating it. >>

bespoke research

Drive success throughout your supply-chain by bespoke briefings and instructions manuals focused on your unique situation. >>


Increase key stakeholder engagement and understanding through design thinking workshops tailored specifically to your organizational needs. >>

Mikko’s expertise has been very helpful in shining a light on the dysfunctional aspects of the ad ecosystem, raising awareness among global brand-owners as well as devising recommendations on how to mitigate the risks Stephan Loerke

CEO, World Federation of Advertisers



Working together, you guarantee that you are a leader, and not a follower. Simply put, I have a completely unique profile when it comes to ad fraud. I was the first person in adtech to focus on research and advocacy of ad fraud, starting in 2006. Since then I’ve authored the most important paper in topic WFA’s Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge, started and led Botlab, the only non-profit foundation focus on research and technology development with focus on ad fraud. I’m a co-creator of Nameles, the only open-source solution for ad fraud detection and filtering, and received a monetary award  from Foundation for Economic Research for my contributions in cybercrime research. I’ve written more articles about ad fraud than anyone else, and have been widely praised as the world’s foremost expert in the topic.

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